WRDSB shared today that School Day is not functioning. See more info here. This means that students in WRDSB schools, including Sir Adam Beck, will not find out their teacher until they arrive Tuesday morning.

Kindergarten families are receiving an email Tuesday morning at 7 AM with some kindergarten-specific information for our youngest learners and their families.

On Tuesday morning, at Sir Adam Beck, as bus students arrive, we will direct our kindergarten students through the door near the bus directly to the kindergarten rooms where DECEs will be waiting to receive them. They will be accompanied by older student helpers. Please consider putting a first name and last initial label on their person. Bus students in grades 1 to 8 will walk around the school to the back tarmac where staff will be waiting. Siblings in grades 1 to 8 are encouraged to walk together as staff will have an alphabetical list of all students.

Walkers and students dropped off by car may arrive by 8:05. This is when supervision begins and when our staff will be on the back tarmac assisting students in finding their teachers and classes. Homeroom staff will have signs with their names and staff with clipboards will be helping students and families find their class. This includes kindergarten teachers who will greet kindergarten walkers.

It will be chaos but we hope it is joyful chaos! We have over 500 students who will be trying to seek information and head to the appropriate place. We ask that only one adult family member come to the back tarmac as you can see how our numbers could multiply rapidly if we have several parents, grannies, aunties, etc. Where appropriate, older siblings are encouraged to assist younger ones and say goodbyes to caregivers at the front. Kindergarten students arriving on foot or by car must be accompanied by an adult. We ask that all canine family members say goodbye to students at the front of the school – thank you for respecting our no dogs rule behind the school where students gather.

Should it rain, we will move kindergarten students to their rooms swiftly and move the Grade 1 to 8 students to the gym. The weather forecast is currently not predicting rain.

To help you narrow in on the possible staff teaching your child’s grade, here is our homeroom list:

K4 Ms. Ward, Mrs. Yoworski

K5 Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Baptie

K6 Mrs. Stoesser, Mrs. Schaefer

1A Mrs. Douma

1B Mrs. Reeves

1/2A Miss Wettlaufer

2A Mrs. Peckham

2/3A Mrs. Rosati

2/3B Mrs. Williams

3A Mrs. Schaefer

4A Mrs. Bender (AM) and Mr. Strauss (PM)

4B Miss Lawry

4/5A Mr. Donkers

5/6A Mrs. Weaver-Cole

5/6B Mr. Gajdos

6A Mrs. Wallace-Stoltz

7-1 Mrs. Cain

7-2 Mr. Roth

7-3 Mr. Poetker

8-1 Mr. Spry

8-2 Ms. Thompson

8-3 Mrs. Cook

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday at 8:05. We know that students will be nervous with this change of practice due to School Day being shut down and schools being unable to post class lists in windows as was done in the past. We hope that along with nerves, students (and families) are feeling excitement, hope and anticipation.  

Our office is closed Monday due to Labour Day. Our office opens at 8:00 AM on Tuesday. We will be sending home an “old-fashioned” paper newsletter on Tuesday with school information with each student that would normally be shared on School Day. Wishing your family a happy long weekend.

Rebecca Bearinger Fay

“Mrs. Fay”


Sir Adam Beck Public School, WRDSB

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